Sitemap - 2021 - Hockey Wanderlüst

December 30 - IIHF Backed Itself into a Corner, Slap Shots!, Bring on a Real Best-on-Best

December 26 - World Juniors Underway, Slap Shots!, Puck Adventure Archive Part 2

December 23 - NHLers Olympic Dreams Dashed?, Slap Shots!, Finns and Swedes to Plan B

December 19 - Dreaming of the Metaverse, Slap Shots!, Puck Adventure Archive

December 16 - Covid Rips Through NHL, Slap Shots!, Foppa's Goal Lives On

December 12 - History's Greatest National Team, Slap Shots!, Slovakia in the HHOF

December 9 - China will Play, Slap Shots!, Last Rodeo for Montén

December 5 - History Will be Made, Slap Shots!, Champions League QF Preview

December 2 - The Trailblazing Queen of Firsts, Slap Shots!, Top-10 Import List, The Wanderlust Lounge

November 28 - NHL Olympics in Trouble?, Slap Shots! (and Bites), End of an Era in Finland

November 25 - Ville Leino Act II, Slap Shots!, A Sarcastic Thanksgiving

November 21 - Swede Raymond Leading NHL Rookies, Slap Shots!, Teachings by Tarasov

November 18 - Swedes Say Nej to Hazing, Slap Shots!, The NHL Teams Euro Fans Should Root For

November 14 - HHOF International Flair, Slap Shots!, World Junior Dress Rehearsal

November 11 - A Busy European Break, Slap Shot!, Just Three of 81 Swedes

November 7 -China to Play in Olympics for Now, Slap Shots!, Starting Down the Lion's Path in Finland

November 4 - IIHF Man at the Top, Slap Shots!, It's TV-Pucken Time

October 31 - Spoooky Scorers, Winter Olympic Plans, Slap Shots!, Hockey Books on a 'Holiday'

October 28 - Blackhawks Down, Slap Shots!, European Rarefied NHL Air

October 24 - Barry Smith's Hot Seat, Slap Shots!, NHL Euro' Goes Primetime

October 21 - European Arenas vs Couches, Slap Shots!, 25th Anniversary World Cup

October 17 - Let Young Players Develop, Slap Shots!, Nationalities: Who's Playing Where?, New US Media Landscape

October 14 - Champions League Next Step, Slap Shots!, NHL's Bill Daly on Olympics (Video)

October 10 - Olympic "Three-on-Three", Slap Shots!, Thomas Larkin Skates Free

October 7 - Lehner's Big Save-A Beauty, Slap Shots!, KHL Pill Popping

October 3 - Breaking: Robin Lehner's Tweet Storm, Slap Shots!, Finnish Goalies ... Try Forwards

September 30 - China a No-Go in Beijing?, Slap Shots!, Gambling Revenue Stitched

September 26 - New IIHF President Elected, Slap Shot!, Yaffe's IIHF Hot Take!

September 23 - Hockey's Real Powerbase, (Lots of) Slap Shots!, Who are These Kraken Anyway?

September 19 - NHL Giant About to set Record, Slap Shots!, Tarasenko

September 16 - European Free Agents Unsigned, Slap Shots!, Where are the Finnish Fans?

September 12 - Puck Drops in Sweden, Slap Shot!, The Stanley Cup Champs Paused on 9-11

September 9 - Wanted: Finnish Liiga Stars, Slap Shots!, A Lokomotiv Anniversary Postscript

September 5 - Tiring of Puck Politics, Slap Shots!, Swedish Legends Return

September 2 - Remembering Yaroslavl, Slap Shots!, Breaking the NA Women's Monopoly

August 29 - NHL to Olympics, Fun (Video) Chat with Nick Kypreos, Slap Shot!, WWC Format "A Joke"

August 26 - Champion of Champions, Slap Shots!, Womens Worlds Shocker?, Hungary for More

August 22 - NHL Jersey Ad Space, Slap Shot, Henrik is Indeed the King

August 19 - Europe Provides NHL "Cheap" Labour, Slap Shot!, Women Going for Gold

August 15 - Olympic Conundrum-Anxiety, Slap Shots!, "The Rink" in Helsinki,

August 12 - Europeans Looking for $$, Slap Shots Galore!, Gearing Up for the Olympics

August 8 - Big Fix for Hockey Gambling?, Liiga Puck Drop, Swedish D-man Says Goodbye

August 5 - Gambling's Blurred Lines, Slap Shots!, Honours for Kivlenieks, Euro' Preseason

August 1 - Krejci Goes Home, NHL Gambling Accusations, One Coach's Journey to Europe

July 29 - Lichtner Out - IIHF Hits Refresh, Slap Shots!, Euro-Scouting Conundrum, Free Agent Madness

July 25 - The European Draft, Slap Shots!, Doug Shedden - Fun Euro' Coaching (Video interview), Sundsvall Hockey

July 22 - Expansion Europeans, Slap Shots!, Agent for Coaches Speaks; Euro' Challenges

July 18 - Stanley Cup to Europe?, Euro's in Expansion, Aatu Räty Getting Stronger, Slap Shots!

July 11 - Time to Get Kraken!, Slapshot, Euro' Champs, Less is More

July 4 - Chief Scout Breaks Down Draft, Enough with Jersey Retirements, Hockey: A Love Story

June 27 - Para World Champs, European Hockey Awards, Ladies First, Euro-Prospects

June 20 - "Wandering" into Summer, Import Importance, Slap Shots!, NA Father's Day

June 17 - Crowd Roars, Slap Shots! Simmer Adventure - The Great "Axie", Small Hockey World

June 13 - Europe's Summer Holiday, Slap Shots!, The Best Team $$ Could Buy.

June 10 - Major Post-Worlds Notes, Remembering Pierre Lacroix

June 6 - Medal Day at Worlds!, Canada's Superman, Bets and More Bets

June 3 - Do or Die Quarterfinal Day at Worlds! Previews, Other Big News.

May 30 - Gord Miller in Riga (Sunday night conversation), Germany's Finnish Coach, Pandemic Gives Britain a Unique Opportunity

May 27 - Swedish Hockey in Disarray? – Hey Canada, Over Here! – Hockey's Pot of Gold

May 23 - EXCLUSIVE: CBJ GM Jarmo Kekäläinen Interview; Stanley Cup’s London Birthplace; Worlds Begin With Shockers

May 20 - The State of the DEL, Champions League Draw, North America vs The World

May 16 - Prep for Worlds, Expert OHL and Euro' Junior Breakdown (video), Violence Perspective

May 13 - Swedish Champs!, Finnish Champs!, Coach Grönborg for NHL?

May 9 - Hockey's Respect Problem, Fix HHOF Media Awards, Turku Turns To Professor

May 6 - Euro Playoff Primer, Elite Idea from EIHL, NYRangers Madness, Highlights

May 2 - U18 Domination?, Rock On Hockey, Next Frontier of Media Rights, Video Highlights

April 29 - Russian, Czech & Danish Champs, A Monumental Firing?, Hot NHLers

Subscriber Bonus Video - Bryant McBride

April 25 - Omsk OT!, Crushing SHL Relegation, Football's Greed Lesson

April 22 - Euro' Playoff Primer, Women's Worlds 👎🏼, Plus, Wanderlüst to Texas and the Alps!

April 18 - Playoff Drama - Detroit's Euro-rebuild, Stubb for THE Hall, Strength in Equality Message

April 15 - SHL Dynasty Swap?, Liiga Playoffs, Melting Pot of Snipers!

Subscriber Bonus Video - Göran Stubb

April 11 Deadline Euro's, Finland Prep', The Wagering NHL ...

April 8 Epic - Matthews to Mars, Scouting Essentials, Tapani Taps In

April 4 - Covid Crisis, Swedish Elites, Sledding to Worlds

April 1 - Chat With Chara, IIHF Goes To NHL Rules, the Disney Magic Dust Returns

March 28 - Lankinen Has Arrived; 🇫🇮 &🇨🇭Leagues Go To Points Percentage

Hockey Wanderlüst - March 25

Hockey Wanderlüst - March 21

Hockey Wanderlüst - March 18th

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